Rocks at the Poker Table

This article will consciousness on a way to spot and defeat any rock on the poker table. First, I will outline a “rock” as a poker player who plays very few starting fingers, but performs competitive when he/she comes to a decision to play a pot. I became lately gambling in a NL 5 – 10 poker game at a nearby club. After about an hour, I had a pretty respectable read on all and sundry on the 꽁머니 desk. There changed into one participant who simply stood out to me. It changed into a younger man and he infrequently played a hand. He sat there and as this text changed into created in my mind that night, so turned into an remaining method towards rock gamers. He was no longer only going to be my sufferer that night time he changed into also going to be my guinea pig, my look at manual for a way the thoughts of a “rock” poker participant works.

I noticed many things approximately this guy that have been sure signs for anybody who changed into paying attention, that this man was a TIGHT PLAYER. The first aspect you obviously note is they do not play quite a few starting palms. They typically fold, in truth nearly always fold unless they may be in the blinds or have a robust hand. The 2d issue I observed is that this man saved 먹튀폴리스 counting and rearranging his chips every 2 seconds like he was dropping them or some thing. Like seriously man, you haven’t performed a pot in 1/2 an hour why within the international are you continue to counting your chips – they haven’t moved! A 1/3 component I determined even as reading this guy turned into that he slouched each hand… Besides for when he had a robust hand! In fact this guy became this kind of rock that I might name him a robotic because he perked up whenever he found 10 10 or up.

Now I must admit, this became a quite strong NL desk and there had been additionally multiple drunks donating. With that being said, I had to snicker when even the drunk guys folded whenever this rock attempted to come in with a increase. That leads me into the next section of this newsletter, a way to easily deal with any rock poker player once you have diagnosed them.

Now which you recognise what to search for in a rock we will proceed on how to cope with them. Like I just stated, I may want to slightly assist myself from guffawing at this guy each time he entered a pot. I knew he had some thing strong it changed into written all over his face. The fact is – whilst those rocks input the pot, they have got the products. If you see excessive cards at the flop, you could be pretty certain they have got a piece of it or already have a excessive pocket pair. Just fold pre-flop. Yes I said it and considering it’s miles the drop lifeless most effective manner to play in opposition to rocks I’ll say it once more – Just fold pre-flop. Unless you have got AA, AK-AQs, KK, or QQ you’re most without a doubt beat. So simply fold. The funniest factor about this unique guy turned into, that everybody knew it and folded pre-flop whilst ever he entered with a enhance.